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SOG addresses frequently asked questions on Heath Park project

SOG Group owner John Lewis MBE has met with Margaret Ratcliffe, Christopher Rowe and Gareth Stockton, councillors from Halton Borough Council's Beechwood and Heath Ward, to discuss the Heath Park planning application recently submitted to Halton Borough Council.

Mr Lewis says: “I appreciate that the documents forming our outline planning application for this project can be difficult for the layman to navigate and therefore with the help of Councillors Ratcliffe, Rowe and Stockton we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and concerns that will be addressed in a new Q&A section of the Heath Park website. It will take our website administrator a few days to upload the full list, but we will start posting the answers from Tuesday, November 29th.
“The list of Q&As is being structured to provide answers to the big questions of what Heath Park is about and why it is needed. It will also explain what this ground-breaking project will mean to the communities around The Heath and the many benefits that it will bring to Runcorn.”
Residents wishing to know more about the proposals for Heath Park can view the Design and Access Statement included in SOG’s planning application submission which can be found at: DAS_2200569OUT.pdf (
Mr Lewis says: “I hope our Q&As will address any concerns some people may have. Our Heath Park project is vital to ensuring the survival of The Heath as a major employment base within the Borough and to sustain the wide range of facilities that we have made available for use by the community.”
Heath Park is the result of over three years of meticulous research and revolves around a set of key principles which include:
• It must be a carbon zero development with the best environmental and social benefits
• There must be no business interruption
• Staff must be included and treated fairly
• Only a fair return on land and buildings is sought
• The main objective is to leave the best lasting positive legacy for employment and community
Mr Lewis adds: “We have therefore rigorously managed Heath Park’s design development so that all matters taken as fact have been underpinned by evidence and that any predictions have been validated by experts and academics from Lancaster and Liverpool Universities. The result is an award-winning resilient scheme attracting international interest and which will provide a great place to live, work and play for future generations.
“If there is a question we haven’t covered, please let your Councillors know and they will relay it to us: if it hasn’t already been answered, we’ll add it to the website. I should stress that if you have any comments of support or objection on the proposals, they need to be addressed to Halton Borough Council Planning as it is they who will take your views into account in determining the application.”
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29th November 2022