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Jarrovian Wealth link up with Divorce Support Team

Jarrvoian Wealth has linked up with a group of specialists to offer advice and support to those going through the trauma of separation or divorce.

The Divorce Support Team has some of the UK’s leading professionals to help separating spouses prepare themselves for divorce and their life afterwards by providing legal and financial advice, divorce coaching and mediation services.
The group was launched at The Divorce Fair 2022 which was staged in London in February. Frankie Smith, Strategic Financial Planner in Jarrovian Wealth’s Private Office, joined a Divorce Support Team panel at the Fair. Other panel members included Melissa Doherty and Geeta Patel from Mackrell Solicitors, barrister Maria Scotland, divorce coach Tom Nash and Austin Chessell, founder of London’s Family Mediation Centre.

Smith says: “Jarrovian’s role in the Divorce Support Team is to provide financial advice and guidance alongside other top professionals who between them can help people through all the difficult, challenging and often very traumatic aspects of separation and divorce.

“From a Financial Planning perspective there are three key areas to consider as you navigate the divorce process. Firstly, it’s vital to take stock of your holistic financial circumstances. At Jarrovian, we utilise a cashflow forecasting tool that enables us to examine your overall financial position and gain an understanding of the overall family balance sheet including assets, liabilities, investments, pensions, and protection policies. By starting at this point we are then able to work with your lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and coaches in helping you to reach an agreement as to how the assets that you have accumulated are to be split between you.

“Secondly, you need to consider protection. Once you have agreed and finalised the divorce, it is important to consider what would happen should the unforeseen occur. For example, what would happen if you’re unable to work and cannot meet your child maintenance payments? Jarrovian can assist you in putting measures in place to help to protect you from these kind of issues.

“Thirdly, Estate Planning is essential. Once a divorce is finalised, your will and estate plan become void and therefore it is important to ensure that you update your plan to reflect your new circumstances. Jarrovian can assist you in this process through our in-house team or by working alongside your preferred solicitors, to put a legally binding and effective plan in place which meets your bespoke requirements.”

About Jarrovian Wealth
JW was established in 2017. Our team of skilled and experienced financial planners does more than just look after the numbers for clients around pensions, investments and protection both personal and business. We get to know and understand the deeper motivations and aspirations, so we can challenge people to think bigger. While knowing they are in a safe pair of hands building up a secure financial future. We may be one of the newer players, but we are packed with experience as our clients have been trusting our experts with their financial lives for over 30 years. We don't just focus on individuals we incubate businesses too helping entrepreneurs and those up and running to get ventures off the ground, stay on track and plan the perfect exit strategy, so owners can focus on the day job of running the show. JW's headquarters are in London.

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10th March 2022