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Suggest a slogan for The Heath's rainbow tribute and win £1,000 for your favourite charity

The Heath Business and Technical Park is gearing up to fully reopen as Lockdown measures are eased while future visitors to the leading employment and community location will see a special memorial commemorating the ongoing battle against COVID-19.

John Lewis MBE, owner of The Heath, says: “We have all experienced the adversities of the current pandemic, unlike anything experienced before on an international scale. It has brought drastic changes to the way in which we all work and live. To ensure our sustainability, The Heath has had to adapt and introduce a new environment where we can all work safely. Great thought has gone into the process of drafting our detailed action plan, which is now being implemented.

“Although the battle against Covid-19 goes on, and will for the foreseeable future, we’ve now got some time for reflection and learning. With this in mind, we have created a symbolic rainbow from boulders that have resided at The Heath since its construction. Our rainbow aims to remind us all in the months, years and generations ahead of the sacrifices made in this dreadful pandemic, which changed our lives so dramatically in 2020. A rainbow seemed to be the most recognisable and inclusive symbol of this turbulent time.”

However, there is a crucial missing piece to the rainbow symbol -- an appropriate slogan is required to reflect the reasons the memorial has been created. Now Mr Lewis has launched a competition for The Heath community to come up with a simple slogan, or word, that captures the essence of the experience of living through the Coronavirus pandemic. The winning slogan will be cast into the ground below the rainbow at the site entrance.

He says: “To assist with your thinking and creativity, we believe the way we will recover and learn from this period will be through a spirit of community, science, discipline and guidance. An example slogan is “Together We Overcome” which is large enough to convey a message but not too big that it wouldn’t fit neatly below our existing Stone Rainbow…but hopefully others will come forward with even more inspiring suggestions.” More/2

The competition is open to individuals or groups with the winner/s invited to the inauguration ceremony at which a commemorative flag will be unfurled. The winner will receive this flag once the UK government has reduced the COVID alert threat level to one (it was at level 3.5 on 14th May).

Mr Lewis is also donating £1,000 to the preferred charity of the winning entry. Please send your slogan to: The competition closes on May 31st, 2020. To find out more go to:

About The Heath
The Heath Business and Technical Park is a phenomenal regeneration success story. Formed in 2000, its owner and operator, SOG Ltd, has transformed a once single occupancy corporate facility into a thriving independent business park. The Heath now provides office and laboratory accommodation for more than 120 individual organisations, ranging from business services and IT specialists to those at the cutting edge of science, research and advanced manufacturing. Around 2,000 people are employed at the site. For further information, telephone 01928 515988 or visit

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20th May 2020