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Neptunus builds temporary terminal building at Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Neptunus, the structure specialists, have built a temporary terminal building that will be in place for up to two years while urgent renovation work is carried out to Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Although the smaller of the German capital’s two airports, Berlin Schönefeld serves around 13 million passengers annually and urgently requires additional capacity to cope with the growing number of visitors travelling to and from the city each year.
To meet the increased demand major renovations are required to the airport’s infrastructure. However, while the building work is underway the airport operators need a temporary solution to accommodate passengers.

They appointed Neptunus to come up with the answer as the company has vast experience in building temporary terminals at international airports including Schiphol in The Netherlands, Malta International Airport and Magdeberg-Cochstedt Airport in Germany.
Neptunus’ technicians took just three weeks to erect the temporary terminal building utilising two of the company’s state-of-the-art temporary structures — an Evolution III, providing over 2,200 square metres of space, linked to an 189-square metre Flex2Home.

The complex internal fit out was then completed in just three months — providing the airport with a fully operational terminal building which opened in December. It can accommodate up to 1,200 passengers in a departure-side waiting room equipped with a restaurant, children’s play area and toilets. There are five departure gates, each with two pre-boarding counters, along with pre-boarding zones at each gate for 75 passengers.
The building meets all the latest health and safety requirements and incorporates a total of eight emergency escape routes.

Neptunus was responsible for managing the entire project. This included the installation of electricity, lighting, heating, air conditioning, toilet facilities and anti-slip floors plus air and ventilation systems. In collaboration with Siemens, an advanced fire alarm system was also been installed. The facility will be in place for 18 months with an option for an additional six months.
Neptunus’ modular building systems allow maximum flexibility for dimension and design and are suitable for a wide range of commercial uses. The buildings, constructed from sustainable materials, are also fully demountable and can be relocated or re-configured for new projects.

Both the Evolution III and the Flex2Home were built on the existing tarmac using a cassette floor system with integrated concrete floor elements for anchoring. With the cassette floor systems, the flexible and spacious Neptunus buildings provide ideal solutions for short or long-term rentals.
Mr. Joachim Korkhaus, Project Manager BER-flughafen, commended the skill of the Neptunus team who coordinated the project and said the airport were “very satisfied” with the execution of the scheme and the end result.

April Trasler, Neptunus’ Managing Director, says: “Working within a busy international airport on an airside building project throws up lots of challenges and requires strict security measures, special permits and vetting of all personnel working on the site.
“Erecting a building a long side an operational airstrip meant all materials and supplies could only be safely delivered at night. However, these are the sort of issues you expect when working in a high-security environment and our team at Neptunus has the knowledge and vast experience to overcome these challenges — delivering high quality temporary buildings on time and cost-effectively.
“Importantly, our sophisticated temporary building technology means we can provide space solutions that have the look and feel of a traditional permanent airport terminal. Our semi-permanent structures are flexible and sustainable with a long life span, and have the advantage that they can be taken down afterwards and re-used elsewhere.”


About Neptunus
Founded nearly 80 years ago, Neptunus remains a family-run business known for the creativity and innovation of its temporary structures. With a head office in The Netherlands and divisions in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and Austria, Neptunus has a proven track record in the design, manufacture and delivery of all types of temporary buildings. Neptunus Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neptunus BV based in The Netherlands. Its UK operation is located in Swan Valley, Northampton, where the company has purpose built offices, storage and maintenance facilities. Neptunus has over 450,000 square metres of high quality structures in a wide range of styles. With cassette flooring systems, Neptunus' flexible and spacious structures provide ideal solutions for short-term or longer-term rental requirements. For more information visit:

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11th January 2019